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The Historical Days of Lake Pleasant


The original summer residence where the inn now is located

"The original summer residence of E. Barton Whitney, Esq.




E. Barton Whitney's great camp is now the site of the modern Lake Pleasant Inn.  A paraphrase borrowed from the records of the local historical ....


"A new idea has occurred to some of the hotel 'regulars' and the first timid attempts were made to gain land and build summer homes of their own. First to acquire land was E. Barton Whitney, a lawyer from Gloversville. Whitney bought a lot adjoining the present public beach just north of the outlet, from Aaron B. Sturges on June 5, 1889, and built the area's first summer residence which is pictured above. Such a place was a novelty to the region. During the next 114 years little has changed to the exterior of the house except for the closing in of the open porches to form the restaurant that now exists".



In 2002 Bill and Yvonne Arneson, long time vacationers and now part time residents of Speculator, bought the property and have renovated it to create the Lake Pleasant Inn and Fjord Restaurant.




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