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17+ Acres with 1900+ feet of Waterfront

 Family Compound * Vacation Rental Properties * YR Home * Subdivision

Johnson Pond, North Hudson NY - lakefront homes for sale

Shhhh .... BEST kept secret!  100-acre lake 75% undeveloped


The lake is perfect for fishing from a small rowboat with a trolling motor, and is home to bass, pike, perch, and sunfish.  Loons, beaver, and deer can be seen regularly along with the usual Adirondack animals.  The property is in a prime location for hiking the high peaks, fishing, hunting, exploring local history, and visiting surrounding areas like Montreal, Vermont, and the greater Adirondacks.  To explore the community of North Hudson/ Schroon Lake, check out our concierge site (click here) or enjoy a view local videos (click here).


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Enjoy a quiet and secluded waterfront camp with the amenities of home minutes off the Northway.  While originally a farm, then a campground, the last 24 years this property has been a quiet vacation property for two families.  Original the owner built several small cabins and trailer that he would rent to supplement the farm and operated this compound from the '50's to the 80's as hunting and vacation camps.    In 1991, family and friends purchased the land and began building.  Today, there are two wonderful modern homes.  They haven't gotten to the cabins yet, as they are need of lot of repair.    The property is perfect for a growing family, entrepreneur, or a group wishing to subdivide and enjoy a peaceful and serene Adirondack lake experience.


Johnson Pond is approximately 75% undeveloped and one can probably see 8 people on the water (kayaking or fishing) in a summer season.  You rarely will see an outboard motorboat.  The lake has good bass, pike, yellow perch and pan fishing.    We believe that there are only 12 other lots with cabins on the lake at this time.  The beavers and loons are the heavier population.


The property contains two (2) ~1200 sq. ft. modern homes built in 1993,  five (5) unimproved cabins and a small boathouse.  Both new homes have 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, dining/family area,  loft foyer and wood stove for heating.  The property does not have grid power (none of the properties on the lake do) but generators are included.   Both new cabins have bulk propane hookups which are used to run hw heater, cooking range, refrigerator, lamps, and generator. The two improved cabins also have pressurized water tanks which can be filled via generator/pump from a spring on the property.  Don't let 'off griding' scare you, as it is an easy set up and cell signal can be obtained with a booster.  Each of the new cabins face west and every night you are treated to a spectacular sunset framed by the lake from the porch.


Amenities include:  1,800' of shoreline with docks and boat house, two septic systems, bulk propane.  Each home has identical layout with vaulted ceilings, cedar shakes, decks, skylights, DC power systems to run DC lights or small DC to AC inverter.  Two generators include, two dock locations, fire pit, spring (spring house replaced '12), gated.   And only five miles off I-87

Off Grid Amenities:  While off grid, the natural lighting from skylights, pressurized water tanks, and propane appliances (stove, hot water tank, refrigerator), will have you wondering what you were missing.  When needed the generators can be used to pump up the water tanks, vacuum, or run other appliances.  Still feeling cut off?  Other camps on the lake are able to get cell phone service with a roof mounted antenna, and the buyers can inquire as to which service and hardware they are using.

Note:  The Adirondack Park Agency has restrictions regarding building near waterfront.  Since these vintage structures predate the Adirondack Park Agency, a replacement structure is held to fewer restrictions than building in a new location.  All cabins on the property are tied together via a local underground electric grid which can be powered from the generator shed at the camp entrance, or from the 7000 watt generator adjacent to the main grey cabin.









Brown Cabin extra amenities:

  • Metal roof and new skylights installed '12

  • Two indoor propane lamps 

  • Propane line junction plumbed and ready for propane refrigerator

  • Portable 2800 watt tri fuel generator (gasoline, natural gas, or propane) set up to run on bulk propane

  • Local generator hookup (both electric & quick connect propane line)

  • Pressurized well tanks in basement storing 40+ gallons of water

  • Cabin water supply is currently connected to the spring on the property to test reliability of pumping and storing water directly from the spring.

  • 120 amp hr marine battery, 400 watt DC inverter, solar panel for trickle charging, AC battery charger (for charging off generator)

  • 2800 W generator included

  • Carpeted living areas, linoleum tile kitchen and bathroom

  • Covered firewood storage area and firewood

  • Furnished minus personal effects and cookware set


Grey Cabin extra amenities:

  • Bulk propane refrigerator

  • Separate generator shed capable of powering cabin or back feeding entire lot grid

  • Separate storage shed

  • Pressurized well tanks in basement capable of storing 10+ gallons

  • Porch beams circa 1900.  Reclaimed wood from barn which used to stand on the property at the road.

  • Furnished minus personal effects

  • 7K generator bulk generator negotiable







Offered at $420,000

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